Innuos ZENmini 4TB (Showroom model)

€ 1.599,00 € 679,00

Innuos ZENmini 4TB (Showroom model). Zeer weinig speeluren.  

Main hardware features:

  • Low power consumption for 24/7 operation
  • Switching power supply
  • Custom mainboard, Quad-core Intel CPU, 4GB RAM
  • Digital outputs: Coaxial and Optical
  • Analog output RCA


Intelligent cd ripping and storage:

  • Automatic and Assisted mode
  • Quiet ripping mode
  • Rip to Flac or WAV
  • Offline CD Ripping
  • Duplicate and Unidentified Albums Management

Music library, management on tablet:

  • Edit Album Data and Cover Art
  • Music import wizard from USB, NAS or computer
  • Automatic Backup to USB or NAS

Hi-fi music player:

  • Qobuz¹, Tidal¹, Roon¹, Spotify¹, Deezer, BBC iPlayer and Internet Radio
  • Up to 32 bit/384 kHz, DSD256 and MQA² via USB
  • Connect via Optical or Coaxial

¹ Requires premium-subscription
² When connected to compatible DACs

Multi-system compatibility:

  • Wireless multi-room, such as Sonos, Naim Mu-so, Denon, HEOS, amongst others
  • UPnP Music streamers such as Naim, Linn, Auralic and many others
  • Hi-Fi systems such as DACs, Digital Amplifiers, Active Speakers and others